Easter 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016
Raise your hand if you know how long it's been since my last post? ;) Today was Parker's 3rd Easter and our Quinny girl's first. Life has become so much more fun with a three year old and holidays are no exception. This year Parker looked throughout the house for her basket and then followed that with a simple egg hunt in the front yard. Watching her run around so excited was the sweetest thing ever. I had Quinn in the baby carrier and we followed Parker's every step so she was able to part take in the fun. She was shrieking and kicking.  Ohhhh if I could just freeze time.

Quinn's personality is getting to be larger than life. It's blossomed so much in the past week and she cracks us up constantly. Whenever music comes on she will either bop up and down on her butt with her hands in the air or she will dramatically whip from side to side with her arms out and her eyes squeezed shut. We laugh so hard every time which encourages her so it's just amazing. She also loves everything her sister does. They were playing with bubbles and each time Parker tried to blow them (unsuccessfully) Quinn thought it was the greatest thing in the world and would belly laugh.

We had a low key day at home and ended the day with bubbles and dinner at my parents. The drive home was quiet with only music playing which was a sure fire sign that the girls were asleep. I love the simplicity of these holidays. Nothing too crazy, no elaborate Easter baskets or huge breakfast spread. Just sleeping in and taking the day to spend time with the girls and knowing we made the most of the day was more than anything I could have ever wanted. 

Quinn Six Month Update

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
I can't tell you how many drafts of a Quinn update I have in my folder right now. I've been trying to update for the past two months but having two kids brings life to a whole new level of busy. Unfortunately these past few weeks, three out of the four of us have been fighting the uphill battle of cold & flu season (and why not throw in a case of croup while we're at it).

Our Quinny girl is 6 months old! She has become an expert at sitting and catching some pretty impressive tumbles. She loves to talk. For now, it's a lot of 'mamama' 'lalalala' 'bababa', but it's the cutest. I love watching her mouth form different sounds. I think she is starting to try to figure out crawling and her favorite thing to do is to double fist hair (especially the long locks that belong to her sis & mama) and pull as hard as her body will allow her. She also loves to squeeze her tiny hands. Especially when those hands have a hold of the apples of my cheeks or the soft delicate skin right under your eyes. Although, I'm sure it helps with the bags under them each morning after already being up a few times to rock or feed her back to sleep. Some of her other baby work outs include holding on to my hands and bringing herself into a standing position and baby bridging all over the changing table. 

She thinks that everyone else is second best when it comes to Parker. The moment she walks into a room, Quinn's smile gets wider and her eyes double in size. The other day I placed Quinn on Parker's bed while I was getting ready for work and heard Parker saying something about a ghost. I walked into the room just in time to see Parker tipping Quinn over with a blanket over her head. When I went over to check to see if she was okay, I lifted the blanket only to find Quinn exhilarated and ready for more. We have an inclination that she is going to be our wild one. 

This poor girl's hair! We love it, but she is rocking a serious mohawk. When she was born she had a lot of soft dark hair and it's all seemed to fall out aside from the little patch on the very top of her head. It's always a tough call when it's time to brush it after her bath. Do we go comb over or embrace it and just comb to the front? Parker's hair came in around 7-8 months so we think Quinn's should be sprouting back soon. 

The sleep schedule is still a work in progress. She still sleeps on her side which is adorable but also terrible because if she rolls over onto her back she wakes up crying. She is waking up around 1-2 times a night but falls right back to sleep after she eats. Last month she was going to sleep around 730, but this month we get her down more around 8-830. I'm so glad for the extra hour because when she was going to bed earlier, I would barely have time to hang out with her between coming home from work, making dinner and getting the girls ready for bed. 

Around 4 months we had the go ahead from our pediatrician to start introducing solids. Quinn is off the charts for height but her weight percentile dropped from 75% at three months to 50% at 4 months. I am still nursing her but give her purees mixed with cereal at lunch and dinner time. Her favorites so far are vegetables (especially green beans). For the first couple weeks she would gag when I would try to give her anything sweet. What kind of baby doesn't like sweet potatoes? However now she is getting used to the different flavors and loves the banana & blueberry purees. I on the other hand, am not loving her diapers. Holy mother. 

We really do feel like we've been blessed with such great girls. Quinn is easy going and loves life. She thinks everything is great and will smile at anyone who is smiling at her. She's our homebody and snuggler, and just makes life that much sweeter. 

Quinn's Nursery Tour

Sunday, October 4, 2015
This post has been way overdue! Life continues to be crazy busy while we get the hang of juggling a baby and a thee year old so finding time to take pictures of a clean nursery has been challenging. Once we found out we were having a girl, I was so excited to get to designing the nursery! We moved Parker into her new big girl room and got to flipping the nursery almost immediately. We ripped up the carpet and laid down hardwood and traded in the black and white stripes for a very subtle pink.

My favorite part of the nursery are her wooden letters (which were actually the inspiration for the overall feel of the room) and the hand painted buffalo and donut painting, painted and gifted to me from my lovely cousin Nicole.

I have loved this glider! We first had it with Parker and it's stayed in such great condition and I'm so happy we were able to use it in this nursery as well. 

There are so many sweet (and not so sweet ;)) memories in this room that it will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Parker's (Very Early) Third Birthday Party

Saturday, September 26, 2015
One, two, three! I remember when Parker was a baby, I kept thinking to myself that I couldn't see myself being a mother of a three year old. Yet, here we are a week away! That went by so incredibly fast. One of Parker's all time favorite books is Flora and the Flamingo. I think I posted about it before, but I love it just as much as she does. It doesn't have any words so the story changes each time we 'read' it and the illustrations are just so good. So good that we decided to honor her favorite book and celebrate the big three, flamingo style. Fla-mingling, if you will. ;)

We kind of went all out with this party with a bounce castle and the most amazing gourmet hot dog truck, but at the end of the day it was so worth it. I talked Parker into going down the slide with me maybe ten times. It was also sissy's first birthday party so I'm sure she has pretty high expectations come May when she turns one. Parker had the best day ever running around bare foot, jumping for four straight hours and eating an octopus dog, a pb&j dog AND two cupcakes with all those who she loves.

For now, I'm soaking up every last minute of my sweet two year old. Happy early birthday, Parker Lulu!
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