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Monday, December 8, 2014
Last week proved itself to be one of the longest weeks I've had in a while. It goes without saying that it also made the weekend more than welcomed. We have the majority of our Christmas decorations up in the living room so automatically it's now where we spend most of our time. With candles burning and Elf on in the background, there's just nothing like it. We had a pretty busy day planned for Saturday (which we'll get to in a second) so a low key Friday night at home was just what the doctor ordered.

There's little this girl loves more than her puppies.

Speaking of love, my biggest preggo craving lately has been cinnamon raisin bagels. All last week I craved needed them, so naturally after Parker's gymnastics we made an emergency run to Wegmans to stock up. Of course I'm sure the large tub of cream cheese wasn't necessary, however this craving is serious and I can be held accountable for about a handful of my actions, at best. 

Before things ramped up for the day, I took a timeout to look over prints from our wedding.  Each time I go through them, I am instantly taken back on one the best days of our lives. These two photos are among my favorites as they completely capture all that I love most about the hubs!

That night, my mom and I took Parker to a holiday festival in a nearby town. I haven't been since I was a little girl so it was kind of like going with a fresh set of eyes. It had been 30 degrees and rainy all day, so I packed prepared for the worst. I thought for sure Parker would be all about riding in her stroller down the main street of the festival cozied up with her Sherpa blanket, but as I'm finding out each day, Parker had other plans. She insisted on walking 'like a biggail' which she did for four blocks up and back. 

We set up shop in one of my favorite cafes for dinner and set back out to watch singers, see the lights and do a little bit of shopping. Parker received the most adorable little infinity scarf from my friend's boutique and she couldn't have been any cuter strolling downtown with her little shopping bag.

We got home an hour past Parker's bed time so I was hopeful that she would sleep in. 730 was the best she could do, so the only thing to do at that time is make a small batch of pancakes and prep for a cozy day inside, pajamas, hot chocolate and all. Along the way Parker's maturity level aged 15 years. I'm guessing it was somewhere between her coloring her legs with markers and her constant responses to of 'yes, motherrr' to anything I would ask her. 

We wrapped up the weekend with some bath time and book reading in bed. Spending weekends with Parker and seeing her personality blossom is such a reality check for how time really does fly. I am going to take advantage of the time we have together as our own little team before we add another into the mix. 

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