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Wednesday, May 15, 2013
It's been a while since my last post! Now that the warmer weather has finally settled in, we've been taking full advantage of the sun and Parker seems to be growing just as fast as our lawn grass. Here's a peak into her hectic schedule as of late.

She attended her first casual Kentucky Derby/2nd birthday party. Turns out she and her derby horse were knocked out before we even left the house. We're still working on her 'life of the party' skills.

Baby girl is no longer a stranger to the swing! I was a bit skeptical when placing her in the harness since  it seemed a little big to fit her, but it did the job. When I pushed her I'm pretty sure I heard her coo, 'higher'!

There's always enough time for a nap or two.

I love love love shopping for babies in the spring and summer months! I decided that if I could get away with it, I'd be on a bloomer and onesie dress code kick for the rest of the season. It's my favorite look on our little girl.

My very first Mother's Day as an officially mama came and went so quickly! We celebrated last year when I was pregnant with Parker but I was totally looking forward to this year when I could actually spend it playing with her. I was spoiled with some sweet surprises from Matt and Parker I'm not exaggerating when I say that I cried for at least two hours over Parker's 'painting'. It's probably the greatest  gift I've ever received and I carried it around with me for two days like a little kid. I guess this means it's time to make the DIY art frame that I've been obsessing over on Pinterest!

Soooo sweet, right?

We staged our weekly mama-baby photo shoot and mastered some hamstring stretches.

Yes, my friends - we've accomplished a lot. I almost forgot to add kissing to Parker's list of why she's awesome. She dives at your face at full speed, mouth open and pulls your hair so you can tell that she means it. It is the best thing and it makes my heart melt. Which reminds me, Matt is off to Indiana for the night so this means comfies and cheese pesto pizza is on the agenda for tonight and I am not mad at it. Here's to busy days being amazing days!

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