Starting the Week Off Right

Monday, May 20, 2013
I love each day of  the weekend but there is something so je ne sais quoi about Sundays. After all the errands are run, cleaning is finished, drinks are drunk and friends are seen, we are left with Sunday. I typically use those 24 hours, which ironically seem more like 15 minutes, soaking up all the roll-y goodness of Parker. We take the time to enjoy eating her food...yes, we. I steal a bite or two whenever we sit at the table, and it's not my fault. Tyler Florence is setting the bar pretty high with his fancy purees that we've been picking up at our local Wegmans. So much that I can already see the look Parker will shoot me when I try to attempt to feed her my own creation. Better luck next time, ma.

When we're not going bite for bite in the dining room, we lay on her faux fur rug and read her Pigeon books, push her cow around, and nosh on her other toys in hopes that it maybe, just maybe, it will turn into the Plum-Berry-Brown Rice-Quinoa baby food that she loves so much.

When she gets bored with that, we find wherever Matt is in (or outside) of the house and interject ourselves in whatever he's doing. Yesterday it was cleaning out the DVD case. Obviously a HUGE opportunity for fun there. It was so cute seeing her sit in the sea of disheveled DVDs, 'helping' daddy. After a job well done, we went for a walk and ended with some online shopping where I picked her up the cutest espadrilles for spring! She is starting to show interest in standing more and more so I figured that's as good as an excuse as any.

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