Parker's 21 Month Update

Saturday, July 12, 2014
It seems like forever since the last post! Looking back through the older posts, I am blown away with how much time has passed and how much our little girl has grown. So much has happened between then and now that it's hard to pick up where we left off, but it's sweet to be back none the less.

Parker is now 21 months and I swear, learning something new each minute. I work during the day so I can't wait to hang out with her when we get home to see what new she's learned at school. She can count to 10 (we're working on 11), and can recite her ABCs up through 's'. She loves to sing songs and dance. Sometimes Matt and I put on music in the kitchen and try to teach her some of our awesome moves. Her favorite move is rolling her fist over the other. One of our favorite things to do is have her mock our facial expressions. She is so spot on sometimes that it leaves me speechless (case in point, the last picture of this post). Her go-to food is definitely hummus. Over Father's Day we had our entire family over and put out a bunch of appetizers, one of them being hummus. Parker manned the hummus station the entire time and eventually ended up scooping it with her hands into her mouth over and over. No chips for this chick! Which leads me to her next favorite. Parker also loves anything that involves her new stool that we found at Ikea. She could spend hours brushing her 'teeess' or washing her hands. 

I know each parent says this, but with each passing day she gets so much more fun and smart that it's hard for me to miss her baby days. Not so say I don't have my moments, but I just love this age. Happy weekend, friends!


  1. oh keri, she is just so precious. i love reading about all the cute things she's doing:) it's times like these i wish i lived closer... xoxoxo

    1. Thank nik! We miss you on the reg!! Xx


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