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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This past weekend I packed up the car, grabbed the babe and dog and headed to the lake. Matt was out of town for meetings the first part of the weekend so this was my first time getting everything together for a trip, solo. Three attempts at packing the car, two curse words and one bruise later we were ready. I have been going to Seneca lake since I was a baby but this was Parker's first 'real' lake vacation where she could nap on the shore, interpret her own version of skipping rocks and play in the shallow water. She loved spending time with my parents and was constantly dragging them from the cottage, to the tent, to the lake, back to the cottage, repeat.

She was a natural lake girl with sunscreen in her hair and tiny rocks stuck to her chub legs and I was slightly obsessed with her tiny blonde pony sticking through her baseball cap. Her first morning there was a little chilly so I threw on a jacket over her pajamas and we walked down to the shore as she pointed saying things like 'waaaaaaaaaater' and 'baby yogaaaaa!'. She could barely contain herself and before we knew it she was knee deep and doing a face dive into the water. From then on she was skeptical of the water to say the least but still had so much fun. The cottage that my parent's were staying in has the best walking road so as you can imagine there was a sunset walk each night after dinner and we ended the weekend celebrating my younger brother's 24th birthday.

We always love watching Parker experience new things, but watching her embrace one of my favorite things with such open arms really warmed my heart. We are looking forward to more laid back vacations just like this for many years to come.

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  1. first off, i'm pretty much obsessed with parker's wardrobe. (which totally speaks to my level of maturity;) and the blog looks GREAT!!!!! i am so happy to see you writing again. i love love love it.


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