Honeymoon Recap

Thursday, July 31, 2014
I am one of those weird people who LOVED planning their wedding. Matt and I had a long engagement which gave us a nice window to take our time on each detail. I gladly took over picking out invitations, flowers, dresses, the whole nine while Matt took over the honeymoon details. Our entire engagement we decided that he would keep the honeymoon a secret from me until we reached the final gate. Somehow (even after a 20 month engagement) I couldn't get him to slip.

Long story short, a man working the gate during one of our layovers unintentionally let the cat out of the bag. I was so excited to hear that we would be spending the next 10 days in Maui! Due to connections and delays, we were 'forced' to spend the night in LA. Twist my arm.

Once we arrived to the hotel, we made our way to Nobu, starving and half delirious from traveling all day. Luckily the food never disappoints and regardless of the minor hiccups, our honeymoon was off to an amazing start! The next morning we caught the first flight to Hawaii and for the next two weeks time had stopped.

We stayed at the Grand Wailea, which was so beautiful. I was in love with all of the outdoor hang out spots and the views were unreal.

Honestly, a lot of the highlights of the trip revolved around the dining experiences. Wherever we went, the wait staff would bring out cute little celebratory indulgences. We went a little overboard one night at the Four Seasons restaurant, DUO. This ice cream cookie flight was totally worth it.

Matt and I made sure that we designated a few days to just hang out by the pool with drinks in our hands. Which later lead to us hanging with the cool kids, racing down the water slides.

No-fuss ice cream on a sailboat after swimming with sea turtles.

The first portion of our honeymoon was coming to an end and we were off for a few days in San Francisco. Matt and I have been together once before but it was about one month after we found out I was pregnant with Parker. At that stage in my pregnancy I was tired all the time and constantly nauseous so my trip was mainly spent in bed. Little to my knowledge, this time around Matt had arranged to have my parents fly down with Parker to surprise me once we arrived to the hotel (story on that later since it deserves it's own post). Having her along with us in SF was the absolute best gift I could have ever asked for. Our honeymoon quickly converted to a family vacation and I wouldn't have had it any other way. She was an angel on the long flight back across country and again, we are counting our blessings for this little girl.

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