Autumn Bucket List

Monday, October 13, 2014
Seasons have a tendency to slip away from me before I come to the reality that they ever happened. All too frequently, I get caught up with the every day tasks and plans for upcoming seasons that I rarely take the time to appreciate the one that we're in. So, with that being said I decided to come up with an Autumn 'bucket list'. This way I can appreciate the small victories of fall and at the same time, get out and enjoy this time of the year with the little one. Let's get started.

1. Get lost in a cornfield maze

2. Coax Parker into jumping into a giant leaf pile

3. Eat a halloween'ed up doughnut

4. Carve pumpkins

5. Get together a stash of Halloween books and read them to Parker at night

6. Sit down with enough time to watch and enjoy Hocus Pocus

7. Whip up a seasonal dessert

8. Accompany said dessert with a warm drink of some sort

Nothing too ambitious but perfect given the last few weeks before the snow hits. 

These doughnuts were ridiculous. Parker and I could have camped out at the food stand all day.

I love the sugar all over her face. Her mother's daughter ;)

This past weekend we were able to cross off one of the items on the list. Parker had her first visit to a pumpkin patch and we unsuccessfully took on the cornfield maze. Apparently the wagon is where its at so she was less than thrilled walking through an area where everywhere you turned, was nothing but corn stalks. I'm sure in a few years I'll be chasing her through them trying to keep track, but for now we'll move on to the next item. A leaf pile is waiting in our front yard as we speak. 

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