Easter Prep

Friday, April 3, 2015
Parker is now two and a half and can fully partake in and appreciate holiday activities. This makes me so excited because I now have a legitimate excuse to do fun festive things with my tiny sidekick like decorate Easter eggs and set up an Easter egg hunt (through the house, since it's calling for rain on Sunday). Matt and I are sneaking out of town on Saturday, so I am squeezing in all the fun Easter prep with my girl today.

I snuck into her bedroom this morning once I heard her talking to herself. I cuddled in bed with her (whilst she demolished the better portion of my smoothie), and after a few minutes of talking about her plans for the day, we were off to the kitchen to whip up some festive pancakes. Probably once of my favorite ways to celebrate holidays lately. I try to make a piping bag out of a zip lock bag and draw the bunny on the griddle while its hot. The ears broke off when I attempted to flip them so i detached and added them to the head when it was time to  plate. I then added in some blueberries for eyes and a nose and called it a day.

After breakfast and a movie, it was time to set up for decorating eggs. I found this cute kit by Meri Meri and thought that since it involved stickers and pompoms that it would be a better option for tiny hands. She wasn't a fan of the feathers but did so well placing the stickers on by herself and telling me where she wanted the pompoms placed. She kept thinking the small white pompoms were eggs and kept asking, 'can you crack this, please?'. She was also a huge fan of the glue and spent the end of the decorating session 'coloring' with the glue on the instruction pages. 

As we approached nap she started to have a couple mini meltdowns due to the fact that she dropped her puzzle pieces or threw all of the tiny egg decorating pieces all over the floor. Five chicken nuggets, 1/2 a banana and a scratch to my face later, it was nap time. She's fast asleep now which always seems like a saving grace because this is the time when I can clean or do some things for myself, but staring at this mess of her hulk disaster of cheddar bunnies on the table, I miss her. I won't be disturbing her nap quite yet as that would only create a monster but I can't wait for her to wake up to enjoy the rest of this Easter prep day with her.

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