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Friday, August 21, 2015
I'm now at the age where it seems like everyone I know is having babies. Quinn in three months old and I still think it's weird that I'm a mom of two. The other day during dinner, I kept repeating that over and over and Matt was looking at me like I had gone insane. Now that my friends are having babies, it's even weirder thinking of them as mothers because they are the same girls I've always known. When I was younger I guess I thought that mothers were supposed to fit into this mold where they were completely different people than they were before. In reality they just get more awesome because they have little sidekicks who essentially grow up to be the best parts of them. (Sorry for the rambling, it's just one of those things that the more you think about it, the more it freaks you out).

With all of the pregnancies and new arrivals around me, I thought it might be helpful if I did a round up of all of my favorite newborn - three month essentials. Some of these items I used with both babies, and others I wish I had found the first time around.

Solly Baby Wrap
This has been one of my biggest life savers, especially since I am constantly on the move chasing after an always active toddler. 'Parker, hands away from the dog's butt', 'Parker, don't climb the changing table', 'Parker, stop stealing toothpicks from the pantry.' Wearing Quinn which keeps her calm all while keeping tabs on her sister and being hands free, has saved my sanity. We used the K'Tan and Ergo carrier with Parker which worked for the colder months, but since Quinn was our summer baby, I knew I wanted a carrier that was soft, lightweight and breathable. The Solly Baby Wrap was just that and more. It comes it so many beautiful colors (I went with the grey and white stripe), and it's extremely stretchy and easy to wear. I throw it on when I go to the grocery store or when I take the girls out for walks (we're procrastinating with getting a double stroller), and Quinn falls asleep almost instantly. I always recommend this wrap whenever I can, I wish I could carry Quinn around in it forever ;).

Aden + Anais Security Blankets
We received these when we were pregnant with Parker, but since she didn't take to them right away we stored them away. When I saw my friend's baby take to his and calm right down whenever he held it, I knew I had to give them another go with Quinn. I would give her the blankets each time when she fussed or when she went down for a nap and after a few goes, I noticed that they would calm her down and she would be at ease. She always holds them up to her face and sometimes chews on them, but they are so lightweight and breathable that I don't have to worry about suffocation. Regardless, they keep her happy, so we're keeping them around!

Aden + Anais Zip Muslin One-piece
There's no denying that I am on an Aden + Anais full on bender. They just introduced their clothing line and I had to grab up a couple of their long sleeve muslin one-pieces. I love that the fabric is similar to the security blanket just a tad bit more dense and with a little stretch. It seems to keep Quinn at a comfortable temperature all night regardless if she has a blanket over her or not.

Old Navy Zip Cotton One-piece
Notice a theme here? It seems like we had a good 2 month stretch where Quinn needed a new diaper every 10 minutes so the zipper on these things were extremely necessary. There are countless options for the snap closure one-pieces, but I found that the zipper ones were hard to come by. That's why when I found these on Old Navy's website, I picked up a few different colors. These are also a good budget friendly alternative to the Aden + Anais one pieces. The fabric is so soft and they come in so many pretty colors! Quinn lived in these when I was on maternity leave and I plan on getting more to accommodate her growing self.

Honest Company Lotion
I love using this lotion on the girls! It leaves their skin softer than any other lotion I've used and afterwards they smell like creamsicles.

Puj Tub
We have two full bathrooms in our house, both of which are on the smaller size. We don't have a lot of space to use (or store) a full blown baby bathtub. The Puj tub has been great so far. We used it with Parker when she was a baby too! The tub is made out of a soft foam that folds to create a little cradle, which you then place in the sink and lay the babe in. It has tiny holes in it so you can keep the water running during the back (huge plus since this allows the water to stay warm and fresh). After your done, the tub unfolds flat and we hang it on the back of our door so it stays off the floor and takes up virtually no room what so ever.

throwback Parker picture ;)

Dreft Scent Boosters
My friend Kellie turned me onto these and I am obsessed! You know how warm baby clothes smell fresh out of the dryer? Amplify that scent by 10,000 and you have the Dreft scent boosters! I've been using these with each wash (probably a little excessive) of the girls clothes and people always comment on how good they smell. There's nothing better than a delicious smelling baby!

Little Crane Headbands
If your a baby headband fanatic (like myself), you will love Little Crane headbands. They are so simple which allows them to be more versatile. Also, the elastic is extremely flexible so it won't fit too tight on your babies head.

I hope some of my mommy friends (and even friends without babies) found this helpful. All of these items would make excellent shower gifts, I am always excited to put together little gifts and include some of my favorite items in them.

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