Quinn 3 Month Update

Monday, August 17, 2015
Here I go with the most cliche phrase in history, but how does time fly by so quickly? It’s been three months since our giggling, squishy Quinny girl joined us and even just thinking back to those earlier days leaves me feeling accomplished (and a little sad). The sun and fresh air this summer must have fared well for my little beauties because they have both grown so much from May to now.

Quinn started to get settled into her own little schedule around two months, but now that we are in month three, I’m back to work and the girls are in ‘school’, and it's just now that things are really starting to settle into place. This has been one of the biggest saviors for me and one of my biggest heart breaks combined into one. Since Quinn started daycare, she has become such a happy baby. She’s starting to smile at strangers, laugh with her sissy and is often pretty content just hanging out as long as her appetite doesn’t get the best of her. She’s starting to get more routine naps in and has started getting tired and ready for bed around 730pm. This is an entire new concept for us since Parker was our night owl (and often times still is). When Parker was a baby, she would often stay up until around 9 or 930 which gave me plenty of time to play and snuggle with her before she was down for the night. Now that our household is busier and Quinn goes to bed at 730, I only get to enjoy a couple hours with her during the work days. The more I think about it, the harder it is on me, especially when I see how much of a difference one week makes in a growing infant. Luckily, we have Miss Sass to keep us on our toes the hours after putting Quinn down that I don’t have much time to think about it. At the end of the day when both girls are sleeping, I can appreciate how lucky we are to have them in such a great place learning and interacting with their friends and building their social life. ;)

It took us a while to get Quinn into a sleep routine since she really was the cuddliest baby ever. She slept in bed with Matt and I for the first two months, which worked out best for us given her nursing times. We found out early on that she is a side sleeper, which is the cutest newborn sleeping position in my opinion. I loved waking up and seeing her cuddled up next to me on her side and her chubby cheek pressed up against the sheets. Around two months, we transitioned her to the crib. I make sure she has her security blankets that she is obsessed with and lay her on her side, and she usually goes down without a fight. Sometimes I’ll feed her to get her a little bit more sleepy but she’s most often times content with her blankets and noise machine. She goes down around 730, will fuss a couple times and then usually we don’t hear a peep from her from 9pm – early morning. She tends to wake up around 4am and I’ll sneak into her nursery to nurse her, and put her back down so that I can get one more hour of sleep and then start getting myself ready for the day. By the time I’m done getting ready, both the girls are awake and ready to start the day. Teething stages are right around the corner so I know this will change soon, but for now she is loving her sleep routine.

We got extremely lucky this time around with nursing. Parker took a while to get the hang of it and in return lost some weight in her early weeks which ultimately led to a mama breakdown, but Quinn was a pro from the get-go. She hardly lost any weight after she was born and has been packing on the pounds ever since. I was really looking forward to nursing this time around so I am so glad that it worked out. We also learned quick in the early weeks that she has a high sensitivity to dairy. I've since then had to cut it out of my diet which has been harder than I ever could have imagined. I am a cheese girl all the way so it's been challenging not to take bites of Parker's macaroni and cheese or to not eat a regular piece of pizza. When the day comes that I find Quinn is more tolerable, no cheese is safe around me! At three months Quinn is eating anywhere between 3 – 5 oz. in the morning and 2-3 oz. throughout the day every couple of hours. Now that I am working, I do have to pump while I am away which isn't the most convenient but it helps keep up my supply. I took advantage of my longer maternity leave this time around and made sure I started an adequate stash of breast milk before I returned to work so that in the event of her weaning, we had a little extra to carry us through. It’s one of my favorite things to watch Parker take in the glorious experience of pumping. She calls it plumping which is probably the cutest thing ever. One day I was folding her clothes in her room and she came in with my pump parts and held them up to her chest and proceeded to tell me that she was plumping for her Elmo.

Parker is still the best big sister in the world to Quinn and I love to watch them together.  Their interactions are getting more amazing by the day as Quinn grows a bit older. She lights up as soon as she hears Parker’s voice and will smile endlessly at her, even when Parker’s trying to pull her across the bed by her baby ankles or when she’s squeezing her cheeks trying to get her to make her fishy face. At times it’s absolute chaos at our house with both girls crying (and occasionally I join that party), a messy house, and dinner burning in the oven, but I wouldn’t trade one second of my time with them for anything because I know they will only be this small for so long.

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