Lake Placid

Monday, September 29, 2014
A couple weekends ago, we packed up Parker, our hiking gear and an infinite amount of other things and headed off to Lake Placid for a long weekend. We struggled with finding a way to thank my parents for helping so much with the wedding and figured a few days away at one of our favorite locations would do the trick. It also happened to be my dad's birthday so we were able to throw in some birthday celebration as well. You know Parker was all about that deal.

The house we stayed in was so beautiful, none of us wanted to leave. We scoped out a few other locations but once I saw the window seat my mind was pretty much made up. It was my official napping location and the perfect spot to put Parker with books or the iPad while we were cooking. There was also a moose and a huge bear waiting for Parker upon our arrival so naturally she found her best friends for the weekend. A few times we would look over and she would be hugging one saying 'I miss you, moose'. Melt my heart.

We ventured out for a few hikes, which Parker loved! She had a tough job being carried around all day but someone had to do it. Instead of huffing and heaving up boulders to summits of mountains, she was strapped to Matt's back making him give 'pony rides' or singing songs to keep us motivated. She also saw us do some pretty dumb things in high elevation such as running into trees and tripping over limbs. Although, I'm sure she won't remember the trip, I hope that it sparks a little bit of her adventurous side.

As I mentioned, my dad's birthday was on that Friday so we picked up a ganache topped cheese cake at a local bakery and celebrated. Parker's favorite things in the whole world are birthdays. Mainly because it involves cake. Whenever she hears the word 'birthday', she immediately follows it with 'cupcake?!'. One track mind. She was quite the candle ninja in her skeleton pajamas.

Family vacations are simply the best. 

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