Buffalo Turkey Burgers

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Pinterest is a god-send when it comes to coming up with quick dinner ideas on the fly. We found this recipe for buffalo turkey burgers a few years back and it's been on rotation ever since. We variate the ingredients a little to make it healthier and clean, but we've found that it definitely doesn't compromise taste. 

I typically up the amount of carrots it calls for and use two cloves of garlic vs. one.

Matt and I tag team this recipe since past experiences have shown that I'm inadequate when it comes to grilling. I pull everything together then the hubs takes over from there.

The recipe calls for a bleu cheese broccoli slaw (which is so, so, SO perfect with this dish) however broccoli slaw isn't something we always have on hand, so I opted for avocado slices with sea salt as a topper instead. There are so many ways to improvise this recipe that you can always adjust it to fit your mood that day!

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