Toddler Wardrobe Faves

Thursday, August 14, 2014
When finding pieces for Parker's wardrobe, I more often times than not, gravitate towards pieces that are made for little girls but have more of a tomboy flare. Also, finding items that are stylish AND comfortable is key. I find that these are items that I would most likely pick for myself and they look incredibly adorable on her. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing her in cute little summer dresses but there's something to be said for a mini moto leather jacket. Below are some of my favorite pieces and styles that are in Parker's closet.

Dying over these pieces! The leather jacket probably won't fit Parker until winter, however it was too cute not to grab now. Also, the taupe quilted jacket definitely has a women's version that I may or may not need to pick up. Twinning! ;)

These bright colored leggings are such an easy way to add juxtaposition to an every day outfit. I especially am a fan of these leggings from crew cuts because of the color and fit! I went up a size in them so Parker can get a lot of use out of them (normally she's a size 2T, but we got these in 3T). Not to mention, Parker loves doing high kicks to show off her colorful legs. 

Such a simple pool-day look for a toddler. Parker wears these leather sandals on the daily and I've been looking for some cute one pieces for her to wear in place of a bathing suit come cooler temps. We signed up for a parent and tot gymnastics class starting in September so we have another reason to be on the prowl.


  1. this is all adorable! where did you get the sandals + jackets? I love crewcuts shorts / leggings too

    1. so cute, right?! the sandals are from gap and i'm seriously impressed with how well they've held up this summer. she wore them in the lake and on walks... she literally wears them every day. the jackets are from zara. i have a problem.


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