DIY Growth Chart

Thursday, August 28, 2014
We've been trying to design our home to reflect our personal style over the past few years. After pinning countless home decor inspo and purchasing all of our bigger items like our big cozy white couch that I just had to have (pre-baby ignorance), I realize that it takes a lot of small things to make and create an actual home. Despite the every day events that delayed decorating, I've been trying to get better at tackling to-dos around the house (ie. hanging the empty picture frames that have been sitting in the corner of our living room for almost a year, or cleaning out our much too literal lazy-susan that is stuffed with old candles, junk mail and hair ties). A sense of accomplishment came over me a few weeks back, when I completed and (Matt) hung our cute growth chart.

Growing up, we had a makeshift growth chart in the form of a beam in the house with etches marking where we stood in height terms at various stages throughout my brothers and my life. I knew I wanted to create something like this for Parker, however much less permanent so that in the case that we move, it would be something that we pack up with us and take to our next home.

This brings us to almost one year ago when I decided to make a gigantic ruler growth chart in time for Parker's first birthday. I picked up a wooden board at Lowes, stained and let it dry in the garage (where it stayed for almost 9 months). I finally decided to finish this sucker before Parker's SECOND birthday. The ruler decals were found on Etsy, and was probably the toughest part of the project to execute. The wood is pretty porous so it was extremely difficult to make the sticky side of the decal adhere to the wood. After a couple hours spent going over the decals with a credit card, it it was finished.

The first few days of it being hung, the decals were peeling but after going over it again with the credit card, everything has been staying in place. We'll see how it holds up, and if the peeling continues, I plan on putting a clear coat on top.

We are excited to watch Parker grow through this chart. Next up, photo gallery wall! 

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