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Sunday, August 24, 2014
Parker was an extremely easygoing baby and as she turned into a toddler, I was hopeful and optimistic that this content behavior would transfer over. The planets must have shifted because this girl has been giving us a run for our money lately. Terrible twos are not only real, they have hit our household and are extremely sneaky and adamant to make public appearances. When Parker first started throwing tantrums, although I know almost every child goes through this stage, I felt like I was the only one experiencing it. After reading a few other blogger's posts that are going through the same thing, I felt better knowing that it truly is just a phase and my defiant girl in the corner of the room shooting me dirty looks doesn't hate me. Needless to say, we were ready to face the TTs head on and embrace the beautiful weekend.

I know that if all else fails, fresh air can work wonders on kid's moods. We had a lake weekend on the agenda and it couldn't have come at a better time. Parker loves being around her cousins and covets the water even more. Her current obsession with the Little Mermaid helps in fueling the fire, and I can't even say I mind. After the kiddos went to bed, we busted out the wildly inappropriate Cards Against Humanity with some drinks and pretty much felt like terrible people at the end of the game. In a good way.

It's so cute to watch Parker interact with her cousins. Albeit the age difference, she loves to tag along with them and the conversations they strike up are nothing short of amazing. I introduced Parker to her first ever flash light, which she thought was a magical beam that made people dance. As soon as the shined the light on someone, she demanded, 'danss, danssss!'. No one put up an argument and it made for an amusing morning.

Add sunshine and ice cream into the equation and you have a happy toddler (and parents) with the terrible twos far at bay. Although I know every weekend can't be as sweet, it's good to know that going balls out when the opportunity arises can make a world of a difference.

Oh, and she definitely stole my milkshake. Happy Monday, friends! Xx

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