Parker 29 Month Update

Monday, March 9, 2015

More often times than not, I find myself staring at Parker taking in everything that makes her, her. Whenever someone has a baby, they always talk about how quickly they change. That change beings to slow down a tad when they make the transition to toddler, however I am blown away with how much Parker has come into her own in the last few months. From the things she says to her preferences in clothing, I am obsessed with the tiny person she is becoming to say the least.

One of the things I love to do is to initiate conversation when Parker goes into deep details about her day or makes up stories and I sit and just listen. When she wakes up from her naps, I sometimes sit and cuddle her in her bed and ask her about her dreams. They typically involve her blankets but sometimes they are something crazy that involve bears in the bathroom. Other times she randomly spurts out the weirdest things like 'mama, I have a diamond ring up my butt.' (there was no ring up her butt, for those of you wondering)

The older Parker gets, the more she loves to test our patience when we're gathered around the table for a meal. For a while she would eat whatever we were eating, but lately has been getting gradually more picky or will only eat a bite or two of her dinner before she is telling us that she's finished. Not all hope is lost though, since most of her favorite foods are healthy albeit less than substantial. Some of her go-tos include macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, soup, tuna ('tune-off'), pasta, oranges, bananas, steamed vegetable medley, cereal, hummus and her above all favorites, berries! She tends to pick around the bread if she's eating a sandwich and she's quick with her spiciness radar. I'll try to put together a toddler food post since I know I am always interested to see what other mamas are feeding their minis.

This girl has had wild child hair since she was a baby. It's never been cut so naturally it's getting pretty long. Her hair is extremely fine so its rare that a pony tail or pig tails last throughout an entire day and it doesn't take long until her long bangs end up in her face. On the days when she goes to school and I can't always control her hair situation during the day, I try my best to do a secure high bun or pony tail. On the weekends and my days off, I love to keep her hair long. It has great natural shape and volume and it's such a cute look on her. She still won't leave headbands in longer than two minutes so my options are extremely limited. Thanks to Frozen, she is a fan of having her 'Elsa braid'. We use the tiny Goody elastics because they don't cling on and rip out her hair with each use. We've just recently switched over from using exclusively Aveeno shampoo to using the delicious smelling tangerine-vanilla shampoo and conditioner. Using conditioner on her hair has been a game changer! It makes brushing so much easier and her hair is so much shinier and has movement that I'm jealous of. Also after switching to the Honest products, I've noticed her skin has been much softer which I love! I think we're going to try the lotions/body oils soon.

We've almost completely overcome the hurdle of potty training (YEAH!). When we decided it was time, we went for it and never looked back. We're still putting diapers on her during the night but just ordered potty training pads for her bed after a couple incidents. She is mostly letting us know when she has to go and for the times when she is occupied and forgets to say anything, Matt and I have learned a few of her pre-potty tendencies so that we can rush her to the bathroom once these start coming in to play.

She is also officially sleeping in her big girl bed. She's been sleeping there exclusively ever since we started her toddler room makeover. There are some nights still where she will immediately venture out of her bed and walk out with a little mischievous smile to wherever we are, but typically gets the idea after one or two times of putting her back in bed. I was a little hesitant at first because this girl used to be a mover and a shaker while she slept. I thought for sure that she would fall out onto the floors on a nightly basis. With a little help from her foam mattress wedges, she's thankfully been keeping put all night and gets a full nights sleep.

We are so excited to see our spunky little ball of energy make the transition into responsible big sister. Our hope for Parker is that she keeps her spark and continues to spread happiness wherever she goes. She is so the light of our lives and we couldn't love anything more. 

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