Easter Round Up

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Happy Saturday morning. It seems everyone woke up with good intentions but that quickly has gone down hill and its barely 7am. There is a PO'd toddler at the dining room table crying at the table because we gave her the pancakes she asked so sweetly for 10 minutes ago. There's nothing like the wailing cries filling each room of the house to wake you up and get started with your day! ;)

Today we're talking Easter! With the weather we've been having lately, the warmer temps (and by warmer I mean above 15 degrees) feel something close to summer. So when picking out little gadgets for Parker's basket this year, I couldn't help but grab some cute and bright items! 

Parker loves to create little masterpieces especially with stickers and markers, so naturally picking up a fresh sketchbook, bright neon marker and festive stickers was a no-brainer. The stickers are my favorite thing ever! How cute?! I also scored this cute little coral flower necklace on sale, which is almost like the kid-friendly version of my necklace she likes to hoard and hide from me. We will be taking our twinning to the next level with accessories, so watch out! ;) Also one of her favorite activities is 'helping' me bake which includes things like stirring, dumping ingredients into a bowl and throwing whole eggs into the mix. Adorable, yes. These cute little cupcake wrappers and star toppers are right up her alley. 

And here's a little glimpse into our Easter year's prior. It always makes me a little sad to see how much has changed in just a few years but I know that even more will change in the upcoming year.

We're so excited to put together her basket and seeing her face when she finds it has always been one of my favorite moments ever. 

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