Cruisin' the Neighborhood

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Why is it that when spring rolls around, I immediately feel that there aren't enough hours in the day anymore?! We have been running around like crazy the past couple weeks and I feel like nothing is getting accomplished. Maybe because the weather has been starting to warm up and I keep finding excuses to take Parker outside to introduce her to new things that she was too little to actually focus her eyes on in the fall after she was born.

When there is laundry that needs to be taken care of, you can find me instead strapping the babe into the stroller and taking her out around the neighborhood! If you asked me what is the one baby item that I obsess over the most, it's Parker's stroller. After loads of research (usually a good week's reading of reviews prior to purchasing a baby product), we decided to go with the Uppa Baby Vista Stroller! This sucker is major. I think the point where I was sold is when I found out that it can cart around three kiddos at once! Not that I could imagine myself pushing three kids down the street, however I did find that fact pretty impressive. 

The stroller came with a bassinet for wee babies, and an upright seat for when they are sitting up on their own. In the fall after Parker was born, I would take her in the bassinet and that's when I discovered that the girl straight up wanted nothing to do with it. I found this out while she and I were out walking around the neighborhood right when she was around four weeks. Things started off perfect, she was bundled in the bassinet sound asleep for a good mile, then something changed in the air, she woke up and started screaming. And kept screaming. Obviously never being in this situation before I had no idea what to do and was borderlined panicked so I stopped maybe eight times, to pick her up in hopes to calm her down. It worked for a couple steps but then she would start right back up. 40 minutes and one stressed out mama later, we were back at home - holy mother.

Parker's first walk in her stroller through the house. We've all done it!

Needless to say it took me a while to try that again, but when we did I tried attaching her car seat with the car seat adaptor to the stroller - worked like a charm! Up until last week we've been using her car seat and she loved it. I think it helped that she wasn't laying flat on her back and was sitting at an incline.

Something the manufacturer didn't warn me about - this stroller also makes a GREAT makeshift shopping bag holder during big shopping trips.I'm also pretty sure the diaper bag has stroller straps that allow it to strap on to the handle bar but as you see in exhibit A., I haven't quite figured it out yet.

This past week we decided to put the upright seat on the stroller and never looked back. Apparently it lulls her right to sleep in addition to solving the problem we were having with the sun being in her eyes (even though we did find her some super cute sunglasses). I am so looking forward to more spring days to take on the neighborhood again with that sweet face. Here's to FINALLY spring!

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