Parker's Nursery Tour

Sunday, April 7, 2013
I have been planning this post for probably just over 6 months, however it has taken me so long to put these pictures up because it never felt like it was 100% complete, but thinking about it some more over the weekend I realized that it will probably never be 100% complete. On Saturday I had some free time to clean up the nursery and make sure that the room was EXTRA tidy. Don't get me wrong, her room is the cleanest room in the house however if you stop by unannounced any day of the week, you will find a pile of spit covered clothes piled up by the changing table.

Matt and I decided to not find out the sex of our baby during the pregnancy. Ballsy - absolutely. So with this being the case, we could either go with the traditional yellow or white pallet OR we could go bonkers and shoot for a modern black and white baby theme for the nursery. Immediately I knew that I wanted to go with black and white - with stripes - and a white bear head on the wall - oh, and a zebra rug. It all came together beyond amazing in my head, however after the painter left and the black and white stripes sank in, guess who picked up the phone and told their boyfriend that perhaps their CC (Creative Control - yours truly)  had made a mistake. After some talking, we decided to leave it for a couple months and that we would redesign if necessary after the baby came/after we knew if our bundle was a boy or girl.

A month went by, the nursery furniture moved in and naturally I changed my mind again and fell back in love with the W+B concept. With some inspiration from Pinterest and a little I-have-no-idea-what-this-is-going-to-look-like-but-I-like-the-idea-of-it mentality, I present to you... Parker's nursery.

This dresser was my great grandmother's . I've had it for years, sanded and repainted it, taken it to NYC and back and it now resides in our baby girl's nursery. 

Parker's very own VIP lounge. This is the latest hot spot for some pretty intense after parties with the babe and I. We've even got bottle service until you pass out!  

I am pretty obsessed with Jellycats stuffed animals - if you had to purchase one stuffed animal for your baby, niece, nephew etc. make it a Jellycat. They are beyond adorable and so soft you may try to take it for yourself (speaking from experience).

I love this little station on the changing table. I have a sick affinity for apothecary jars. I think that they are a pretty solution to any home decor issue - such as the dilemma I had when trying to figure out how to store Parker's headbands. I thew them in a jar one day and loved the way it looked. The little lamb on the table is also a God send because it makes the entire room smell like baby. It's strategically placed where the room needs it most. 

Here's to a little dose of cuteness to kickstart your week! x


  1. keri! it looks amazing. dare i say chic? little parker, so tiny and already livin' it up in a swanky space. the last photo is so so sweet. and i totally agree with you on the jellycats, they're the best!

  2. thank you for introducing me to them! xx


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