Teething Baby!

Friday, April 5, 2013
 I like to think that Matt and I were blessed with the most amazingly awesome little girl. Parker Lulu turned 6 months old on April 1st and in the past 6 months I can't begin to tell you how many hours we spend just starring at her while she jumps like a maniac in her exersaucer or when she's doing her long, low pitched howls (which by the way we're still trying to figure out what she's trying to accomplish with that one). Either way, we know that we are beyond blessed and that rest assured our next baby will be a straight up crazy because that's how it works right?

See what I mean? Amazing.
Headband, leggings (Gap, last seson), onesie (Gap, last season)

Why am I so impressed with our Doodle today? Well, when I picked her up from 'school', her 'teachers' told me that she was cutting teeth! I on the other hand had no idea that they were coming in. I've read tons and tons of articles about babies cutting their first tooth and I was sure that although very drooly, she couldn’t be cutting teeth yet because 1. she was still sleeping sound through the night, 2. she wasn't cranky or crying randomly throughout the day, and 3. she wasn't getting low grade fevers, colds, and everything else that comes with a teething infant. I can chalk it up to my lack of experience being a first time mom but I honestly was oblivious to her new little chompers. However, as soon as they told me that, I started examining her little gums and low and behold, a small little sharp white tooth was there occupying her lower gum! Although it's a natural part of life, I couldn’t stop thinking about how proud I was of her. Even though you might not see it, it's there. Here's to a tooth!

*Update: I just told one of my friends about Parker's new tooth and she was one breath away from a freak out when she told me about her daughter's new philosophy of loosing teeth. Her daughter lost her first tooth a few days ago and said that the Tooth Fairy takes the tooth that she lost and then gives it to a new baby. How cute is that?! Coincidence that Parker got a new tooth? Thank you, Julia! x


  1. awww keri and parker!!!!! i am beyond stoked to see you blogging again! i'm excited to read along;)

    1. aw thanks nik! it feels so good to be back :) xx

  2. Love this!! You are right what you say about Parker- she is super amazing!!! I am proud of her AND you! PS I love the tooth fairy theory! Love you!


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