Introducing Real Food

Sunday, April 14, 2013
First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who emailed, commented and text traveling tips and encouragement from my last post! I've gathered so many great ideas and hopefully they all work out as great for us as they did for you! Your support truly means the world to me, so thank you thank you thank you! We're just a couple items on the checklist away from being ready for our vacay!

Aren't these little aviators the cutest?! Move over baby swimsuits, mama's got a new obsession.

Parker turned 6 months on April 1st (seriously?). We decided that we would start introducing solids to her exclusive breast milk diet on her 6 month birthday birth anniversary. Exclusively breastfeeding has been and continues to be the biggest emotional roller coaster that I've ever experienced, but that's another post for another day.

After reading through tons (and tons and tons and tons) of articles on introducing solids, I decided to head to the local Wegmans and stock up on the what seemed like the entire organic baby food isle. I had no intention on being 'that mom' who fed her baby organic everything but as it turns out, I am.

The night before Parker turned 6 months, she was eyeballing Matt and I eating our Jimmy Johns informally on the couch (a regular occurrence in our household), super uncomfortable and pitiful at the same time (such a sucker). I decided that it was a perfect time to give Miss Doodle-icious oatmeal. I poured out maybe 1.5oz of breast milk and mixed it with I think 1tbsp of oatmeal (totally winging it with the little knowledge that I picked up from my readings - 'you want it soupy!' was pretty much my only take-away) and added a little dash of optimism in hopes that she would go bonkers over her new cuisine. One messy spoonful, and baby girl was hooked! She LOVED it. With each spoonful she would howl at us with huge eyes and we could not get it in her mouth fast enough. Luckily we caught it on camera and I die every time I watch it.

Over the course of the next 2 weeks we gradually gave Parker oatmeal twice a day. Tonight, however I wanted to try something different and give avocados a go - resorting to our tried and true winging it method. They are smooth, mild, and mama loves them so of course Parker would love them too, right? That's a big green fat no. One spoonful and she made the most disgusted face and spit it out all over herself. Good thing she looks good in green because at that moment there was no way she was going to let me feed her another teaspoon. Okay, crossed avocados off the list. What's next? Mangoes - Okay. Sweet, smooth - she'll love it! Another big fat no - only this time it was a weird brown. Making the same disgusted face accompanied with her tired cry, my attempt was defeated and Parker was back to her preferred diet of the house white. 

Tomorrow's a new day and with a new day comes new opportunity for feedings! We're going to try mixing the fruit in her oatmeal because surely fruit oatmeal has to be better than plain. I can't be certain on how that is going to go over with her, but I do know one thing is certain - girl knows how to get what she wants. Here's to learning along the way!


  1. Try some applesauce. It's usually a big hit. :) Mixing the applesauce in with the oatmeal/milk seems to be a pleaser too. :)

    1. Thank you! It's definitely on my list of foods to try next. I've discovered that she likes the mangoes in her oatmeal so long as its not mixed in. Who knew babies were so finicky?! :)

  2. that video is just too much! love it;))


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