Packing the Baby

Monday, April 22, 2013
I never thought that I would see the day where I would catch myself smiling like a fool while packing for vacation (aside from being stoked for warmer weather). I'm sure I'll be whistling a different tune a couple more trips down the line, but for now I couldn't love it more. I started packing Parker's outfits (including her bitty bathing suits!) and all of her other traveling essentials and have come to the conclusion that it is without a doubt, the cutest bag of clothes and shoes that I've ever set my eyes on. It's like my wardrobe, only miniature. When picking out her outfits, I like to stick to the motto of would I wear this? If the answer is yes, it's packed.

My personal favorite are the mustard high waisted shorts with the matching headband! The headband came as part of the JamesonMonroe subscription and when I opened it, I almost did a double backflip. I immediately thought of these shorts and how perfect they would go together. 

Girl is going to 

Here's to baby bag packing being so much more fun than packing my own. Oy.

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